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*Above is a picture of my little one. Below is the first story based off actual events between me and my baby girl when I visited her a few weeks ago.*

Daddy: Opens the door to our hotel room and holds it as my baby girl walks into the room. I set my suit cases down in the corner of the room. Then start getting things settled.

Baby girl: Puts her suit case and back pack down against the wall. Then she quietly sneaks around the corner to the area of the bathroom where the sink and the closet is without Daddy noticing.

Daddy: Just as I finish up getting things sorted, I hear the water of the sink turn on in the bathroom around the corner. Not thinking much of it, assuming she was just washing her hands I continue sorting out luggage.

Baby girl: “Ummmm Daddy….”

Daddy: “Yes sweet heart?”

Baby girl: “Ummm… Uhhhh…. Ummm… Welll… Uhhh Daddy?”

Daddy: I walk around the corner to see what she was so hesitant to tell Daddy about. Then as soon as I turn the corner to see her looking down looking at her pants while a dark stream of wetness runs down the inside of her legs. Turning the jeans between her legs darker. “Awww honey! Poor baby…. It is okay sweet heart let Daddy see.”

Baby girl: She slowly turns around to reveal the whole bottom half of the jeans of her butt soaked, while her bottom still dripping as I can tell she is still peeing in her jeans. “I… I… I… Sorries Daddy. I drank lots and I could not holds it.”

Daddy: She looked so cute and innocent standing there in her wet jeans with her head hanging. I put my arms around her and give her a hug then I whisper “Awww its okay baby doll. Daddy knows you could not help it. Especially with the water running. Daddy knows that it makes you go pee pee.”

Baby girl: Nodes her head a little on my shoulder “Uh huh Daddy.”

Daddy: Pats her soaked jeans bottom a couple times and pronounces. “Now lets get you changed out of your wet panties and jeans, then get you into a fresh thick dry diapey little one. Cause you are just a little baby and need to be in diapeys because you pee pee in your panties.”

Baby girl: “Yes Daddy. I just little.”

Daddy: I pull down her wet jeans. Then I stand up and put my fingers between her legs gently rubbing her kitty from the outside of her soaked panties. Then I walk her backwards laying her onto the bed and take her shirt off. I continue rubbing her kitty from the out side of her soaked panties.

Baby girl: Lets out soft moans and whispers “Daddy I need you. I want your cock in me.”

Daddy: “Yeah, cause you need Daddy, cause you are just a little baby peeing in her panties and jeans. So you need Daddy to FUCK you!” Under her wet panties I shove 2 fingers into her wet warm kitty quickly and deeply.

Baby girl: She gasps then lets out a big moan. “Please Daddy fuck me, use me!”

Daddy: I take her panties off then take my jeans and boxers off quickly. I go back to lightly rubbing her kitty teasing her. Then suddenly when she least expects it I SHOVE my long cock deep inside of her.

Baby girl: She moans the words “Daddy fuck me. Please use me.”

Daddy: I continue to fuck her for over a half hour making her orgasm and squirt cum down my cock multiple times until her legs are almost trembling. Which is when I let out a big stream of cum deep inside her. Afterwards I put her diaper on, then we kiss and cuddle as we catch her breath.

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